Morrison Low specialises in improving organisations with a focus on strategy, performance and adding value

Morrison Low is an Australasian management consulting firm with offices in Auckland, Wellington, Sydney and Brisbane. We are market specialists in government and financial services and pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients.

Our expertise has been relied on by the industry for over ten years. With a team of people who have worked in virtually every aspect of central and local government, both across Australasia and internationally, we take a collegiate, integrated approach towards developing valuable, strategic and practical solutions.

Our Commercial Management Consultancy practice has been active in the market for over ten years and has a particular strength in retail financial services. Our core Commercial Management team draws upon a breadth of experience in business management, strategy, operations and marketing in delivering solutions that truly add value for our clients.

We specialise in assisting organisations improve their performance through examining and aligning strategies, structures, processes, systems and resources. While our prime focus is in the delivery of operational services we are foremost ‘industry’ specialists, having undertaken projects in virtually every area of business our clients are involved in.

While we have a good understanding of management tools and methods and use them to advantage, we are not ‘method’ based consultants. Rather we come from the point of really understanding our clients’ needs and strategies and by using our experience, analysis and insight, and that of our client’s staff, we can craft a solution that best fits the need.

Our preferred approach is one of facilitation and coaching. We are aware that good solutions need good buy-in for effective implementation. This means that they have to be owned by the staff and management who will drive them and that in turn is best gained by participation in the design process.

We also challenge the status quo and convention to ensure that innovative options are explored before locking in on a solution.

Our company culture revolves around the importance of maintaining positive relationships through integrity, teamwork and constantly striving for excellence in all we do. Read more about our values.

Morrison Low is committed to sustainability and recognises the importance of providing for future generations while maintaining the well-being of today’s community. See our full sustainability policy.