Benchmarking Centre Stage at IPWEA Conference

Benchmarking Centre Stage at IPWEA Conference

The Yardstick Roads Benchmarking Program took centre stage at the international IPWEA conference in Rotorua in July. Tim McCarthy presented the results from last year’s program, which are already providing valuable tools for council General Managers and Asset Managers in planning, identifying opportunities and measuring performance. With Yardstick Roads 2015 now open for new members the conference provided a great opportunity to demonstrate the value of being part of an audited benchmarking program.

One of the most interesting insights from last year’s program was the large variation in replacement cost values and depreciation between like councils across the key asset groups. These values play an important part in the way councils manage their assets and finances. Any changes in the valuation and asset life can make significant changes to renewals programs and as councils in New South Wales are finding our right now, to performance indicators (both asset related and financial).

The program has councils participating from across Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific which provides many opportunities for comparison beyond the neighbouring councils and opportunities to identify and learn from best practice wherever it arises.

Our online reporting tools mean data can be easily interrogated using relevant datasets and presents information in table or chart format. Reporting is by council so performance can be measured directly against other identified councils.

If it’s important for you to identify opportunity gaps and measure performance using independently audited and credible information then we recommend your council participate in this program.

To review the presentation, please open the attached project file.

For more information on roads benchmarking, contact Dan Bonifant or Stephen Bunting

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