Five Myths of Service Reviews

Five Myths of Service Reviews

A service review is a great way for a Council to check whether a service or services are delivering the value that the community demands, but the value attained from a review is directly attributable to the effort put into the process. Morrison Low Director Stephen Bunting contributed to the Summer 2014 issue of Local Government Manager Magazine by writing about the five biggest myths/misconceptions surrounding service reviews.

  1. The goal is to make our current approach more efficient

  2. We can replicate their methodology, it worked for them

  3. We are the best people to challenge the way we do things

  4. It’s just an excuse to get rid of staff

  5. We can fit it around our existing work program

The article can be found here. and includes some commentary on what makes for an effective service review. The magazine is produced by Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) which is the leading professional association representing managers and aspiring managers in local government throughout Australia and Asia-Pacific.

For more information contact Stephen Bunting.


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