Strong Business Case Accesses Grant Funding

Strong Business Case Accesses Grant Funding

Our financial and economic analysis of the Ryan Avenue reconstruction and the upgrade of the Singleton Livestock Saleyards demonstrated significant economic benefits flowing from both of these important projects. The positive cost benefit analysis of each project was a key component of the successful application for almost $8 million of funding under the NSW Resources for Regions program.

Our purpose-built model applies a rigorous approach to project benefit analysis, as is required by the NSW Government. It ensures that the full lifecycle costs of infrastructure have been built into, and are affordable within, the Councils' long term financial plans. The model considers the broader economic flow-on effects of projects on local communities and regions over time, rather than being an end in themselves. Most importantly, the model calculates the net present value and benefit cost ratio of projects, which are key to the business case requirements.

There is an increasing focus across Australia and New Zealand for councils to prepare detailed business cases to justify the affordability and economic benefit of infrastructure investment, particularly where grant funding is sought, but in our view there is a place for their wider application within councils where applying similar rigour would help determine which projects should be progressed.

Project Contact: Jenny Franke

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