Asset Management

Morrison Low specialises in strategic asset management for central and local government for all types of infrastructure and non-infrastructure assets. Our asset management team members have all held positions of responsibility for strategic asset management in a variety of government organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Our expertise allows us to assess an organisation’s capability in relation to asset management in terms of resources, systems and structure and then help clients prepare and implement an improvement plan to enable overall performance and efficiency to be improved.

We are aware of the importance of asset management in relation to the efficient delivery of community services in accordance with community strategic plans, and the need to develop an asset management culture throughout an organisation.

We have a long record of assisting our clients in achieving that by developing asset management documentation comprising of strategy, policy and plans closely aligned to community strategic plan objectives and long term financial plans, and by establishing and implementing asset management training programs.



Morrison Low offers a range of commercial consulting services, from strategy to performance optimisation and advice on joint ventures and strategic alliances.

We have particular expertise in Retail Financial Services and in advising Council Controlled Corporations, but we also have clients in Manufacturing, Distribution, Professional Services and NGO’s sectors.

Our clients use Morrison Low’s commercial services because we have the experience and skill to take on challenging issues and use a ‘whole of business’ approach to deliver practical solutions that work in their unique situation.

Our particular strengths are in helping management deliver improved performance through review and adjustment to business models at all levels of an organisation. This is from the highest level Vision and strategic planning through to marketing, customer experience, operations, support services and productivity improvement.

Our experience in exploring new markets, products and business models has led to a number of clients using us to successfully facilitate mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.


Financial Consulting

Morrison Low provides a range of financial services that focus on building capacity and assisting councils to develop their financial strategies and performance measurement processes.

We have a strong track record in helping councils in Australia develop strategic financial planning frameworks and Long Term Financial Strategies. These strategic tools are used to quantify the strategies of council and model alternative scenarios to assist short, medium and long term decision making.

Performance is increasingly measured against principles such as Quadruple Bottom Line (QBL) Reporting and financial sustainability. Therefore, traditional principles of financial management and reporting need to be extended to address social, cultural and environmental outcomes. We assist in developing strategies to achieve both financial and non-financial measurement frameworks and underlying performance management systems.

We also assist in developing rating and funding strategies, financial policy reviews, financial and economic analyses for business cases, reviewing the effectiveness of finance and other corporate support departments, and in service pricing strategies.

Our team draws on their experience as trained accountants, financial consultants, finance managers and general managers to apply the appropriate tools of the trade to complex problems and come up practical and well thought-out solutions.


Organisation Review

A primary focus of ours is in organisational reviews used to improve the delivery of operational services.

Morrison Low has undertaken operation reviews and improvement planning across many Australasian public sector organisations, looking at a wide range of services from the delivery of infrastructure-related services through to community facilities and services as well as corporate and administrative support services.

We have well-developed methodologies we use to undertake these assignments, typically employing highly consultative approaches, conducting thorough audits and generating expert opinions. The staged approach we tend to follow leads to focused outcomes and value-for-money, practical solutions. We are proud of our track record of projects where clients have implemented our recommendations.



Effective procurement strategies and processes have a significant impact on an organisation’s service delivery. Whether it is a purchase of goods and services for Council capital works or service delivery through an operational contract, choosing the right procurement strategy for your particular needs and circumstance is critical to ensuring you achieve the desired response from the market and best value.

Morrison Low has crafted many strategies designed to procure the right 'partners' and create successful relationships that deliver to expectations.

We also regularly undertake or manage the procurement process on behalf of our clients, largely due to our in-depth understanding of the process and because we are seen as neutral by both professional services firms and contractors.


Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an integrated and strategic approach to planning for long term social, economic, cultural, environmental outcomes and future development, taking into account local aspirations, opportunities and challenges. It sets a vision for the future and translates this vision into spatial and non spatial priorities and strategies, providing a sound platform for investment in infrastructure and services.

Morrison Low has contributed to a number of strategic planning projects and understands the impact and importance of its potential to:

  • Act as an over-arching, long term strategy to guide other key strategies and plans, such as Long-Term Plans, Regulatory and Landuse Plans, Asset Management Plans, and Economic Development Strategy.
  • Integrate planning for the social, economic, cultural and environmental wellbeing of your communities with land use and infrastructure planning.
  • Prioritise and align investment in infrastructure and service delivery based on a long-term view of how your community will develop or grow.
  • Provide strategic alignment and understanding across the organisation – developing capability and confidence to implement an integrated planning approach.
  • Provide all partners with a common understanding of future direction so that resources are used efficiently and effectively to achieve a common outcome.

Waste Management

Morrison Low offers a range of services in the waste management field, from strategy and infrastructure development through to contract management and implementation of waste services.

We have a proven track record with a number of clients in New Zealand and Australia in dealing with complex projects, often in a shared services environment, that have required unique solutions.

The waste management field is a complex area where there is a myriad of legislative requirements and increasing expectations from the public to pursue waste minimisation options. These considerations need to be balanced against the associated costs and risks. Issues that often need to be addressed are the ownership and control of assets, competition and availability of service providers, costs, and the provision of minimum levels of service and options for ratepayers.

Through our extensive knowledge and contacts within the industry, Morrison Low has a unique basis for achieving practical and cost effective solutions. However, as we exclusively work for local, regional and central government, we deliberately have no direct affiliations with any of the industry players to maintain an independence that allows us to provide unbiased and objective solutions to our clients.